Something for everyone

The remote Witzenberg Valley the property encompasses 4200 hectares of spectacular and pristine landscapes, dissected by the Olifants River Gorge. The area is predominantly Table Mountain Sandstone, which weathers easily and consequently results in spectacular rock formations. A bio-diversity hotspot, the land is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, and is home to a number of rare and endemic floral, avian and freshwater species.

The Olifants river system has the richest collection of endemic fish species in South Africa – 10 indigenous fish species, of which 8 are endemic. The upper reaches are the only mainstream areas remaining in the whole catchment area where natural reproduction takes place. GlenDonald Cottage offers visitors a wide range of unique experiences from fly-fishing, hiking, kloofing to simply lying back, relaxing and soaking up nature at it’s finest.

Fly Fishing
We offer some of the finest fly-fishing in South Africa. Below the natural waterfall barrier guests are able to fish for Clanwilliam Yellowfish (Barbus Capensis) and Clanwilliam Sawfin (Barbus Serra) and while above the waterfall are Brown Trout. Please note that only barbless hooks may be used and no fish may be taken for the river.
With 4500 hectares of land there are a number of Hiking Trails catering for all levels of fitness and ability. Guests are provided with a map of the area indicating trails and areas of special interest.
While the greater Cederberg area is not abundant in bird life there are a number of rare and threatened species, and there are a number of Verreaux’s Eagle which nest on the property.

The Olifants River Gorge, which dissects the property, offers enthusiasts some of the best kloofing available in South Africa. Most of the river course runs through gorges and canyons and there is no limit to the experiences you will have.
Bushman Paintings
Archeologically, the Greater Cederberg area is one of the richest area in the world in terms of Rock Art, with paintings that range from 8000 to 300 years old.
Simply lie back, relax and soak up nature at its finest on the waters of Visgat or just sit on the stoep looking out at the most spectacular view.